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    The most important, and probably the most obvious piece of advice for anyone thinking of travelling abroad is to research your destination(s) well. That is not to say that your trip should be planned in minute detail, but any research you do will help you to make the most of your time abroad, and will also minimise the risks of any disasters. In particular you should know a little about the culture and customs of any country you are visiting - although people in many countries will forgive your foreign ways, you will be treated with noticeably more respect if you at least make an attempt to adhere to local customs. For example, if you are a woman and you are travelling to any Muslim country, cover up with long-sleeved tops and long skirts or trousers, and wear a headscarfe.

    Other general travelling tips:

    • Learn the language or at least take a phrase book. It may also be helpful to brush up on any foreign language that you already know a little of - in most European countries for example, people who don't speak any English will often speak French.
    • Take a photocopy of the personal details page of your passport and keep it separately. Also write down the numbers of your travellers cheques and the phone number of the British Embassy in your destination country.
    • Invest in a traveller's wallet that can be kept close to your body, even if the country you are travelling to has a very low crime rate.
    • If you are travelling to a country where the water is unsafe, take water purifying drops just in case.

    Finally, for all travellers, but particularly for anyone travelling to more than one country, The Traveller's Handbook is an absolute must. It contains articles by various experts in their fields on both general and very specific topics and information about every country in the world. As an added bonus, this latest edition (2000) also contains articles by Michael Palin, Clive Anderson and Ranulph Fiennes.

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