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    Gift Ideas

    Another problem with living abroad is being able to buy gifts for friends and family back in the UK. Many internet sites do not deliver to any address other than the one listed on the credit card, and this can make things difficult. All of the following sites deliver quality gift products to any address.

    Gifts for Men

    Gadget Hub
    As the name suggests, the Gadget Hub sells gadgets of all kinds, from the latest MP3 player to Victorinox penknives. Postage rates are reasonable, but they only guarantee to get things delivered within 15 days, so you'll have to be a bit organised!

    Gifts for Women

    Lush Cosmetics
    Lush produce the most wonderful soaps, cosmetics and general smelly things known to man. Their products are not available anywhere else and they have a very strict policy of not testing on animals. Again though, delivery can be slow, but for a premium (10) you can have your order delivered by next-day express.

    Gifts for Men and Women

    Amazon Books
    A book, CD or video can make a great gift for anyone. What's more, with Amazon's no-quibble returns policy you don't have to worry too much about buying the wrong thing.

    Gifts for Children

    The Kids Window
    The Kids Window sell a huge range of gifts for children or for new mothers. Children may like one of the huge range of children's costumes on offer, or someone with a new baby would definately love a baby sleeping bag for that extra peace of mind at night. Again, they have a full money-back guarantee in case of duplicate gifts / clashes of taste!

    Hawkin Bazaar
    Hawkin is a well-established mail order company who specialise in unusual gifts. I can't really begin to describe their merchandise here as it's so varied - with everything from beautiful old-fashioned tin toys to whoopee cushions. A real diamond of a site!

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